Korean food skills from a halfie.

Hi! I’m SARA.

The first question I usually get is “What’s a halfie?”.

I’m a halfie. A person that is two races. Yes, I know that many people have multiple races in their bloodline, and it’s the twenty-first century, so why are we trying to define race anyways? Instead of spiraling, imagine being stuck between two realms. Never quite being able to fully materialize in one or the other. The people in one environment say you’re not enough, and the other side think you’re so exotic. You are never whole, because you are half. A halfie.

As somber as it sounds, the split is nothing to be sad over. It just is. I was lucky enough to grow up in an American city where my mom could raise my sister and I in a Korean community. But as I got older, my white side started washing over the language and recipes that tied me directly to my umma. And this is why Kimchi Halfie exists. To make sure that the half Korean side of mine stays full, instead of turning into a fragment that’s unrecognizable. I’m starting with the best way to keep any culture alive: food.

There’s a beautiful thing that comes from sharing our experiences. I’m here to tell you about stories from my past, and journeys into the future. My fellow halfies, we are the same. We are kinfolk. And because you exist, we are whole.


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