Food skills from a Korean halfie.

Hi! I’m SARA.

I'm the one that comes up with recipes, photographs, and writes stories for Kimchi Halfie. I think, or at least hope, it's obvious that anyone willing to spend this much time sharing on a blog and social media about food clearly has an infatuation with it. So I'll spare you the descriptions and details of how home cooking and feeding others makes me feel real good.

But what's a "halfie" anyways? Define it how you will, but for me, it's a perfect description for a person put between two cultures. Even though I grew up in Washington State, I was lucky enough to be raised in a city where my mom could plug my sister and I in a Korean community. But as I got older, my white side started washing over the language and recipes that tied me directly to my umma. And this is why Kimchi Halfie exists. To make sure that the half Korean side of mine stays full, instead of turning into a fragment that’s unrecognizable.

While I'm making traditional recipes, or dishes that are inspired by Korean ingredients, I do hope to show you an approachable bridge to my food. Because that's the whole point of all of this in the long run, connecting with others through shared experiences. I just choose food as the vehicle.


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