My Whole30 Experience

Even though I wrote about why I decided to go on Whole30, talking about my body is something I absolutely dread. Even to myself. Stupidly, I got to the point that I harmfully pushed myself to achieve success - whatever that means - to make up for the fact that I have a double chin. 

The woman on the left of the photo was full of anxiety and preferred hiding at all times. The woman on the right is finally getting it together. 

So I'm just going to lay it all out there and let you know about the weird and embarrassing things I have, or had, because I've had a lot of transformations. Plus I'm banking on the fact that you have some "odd" traits to you too. 

My un-retouched before and after pic.

My un-retouched before and after pic.



  • Coffee is my anxiety devil! I'm honestly irritated that this was such a simple fix. Somehow I equated drinking caffeine with being an adult, and kept my consumption high. 
  • I can easily identify triggers that make me really frustrated instead of feeling so lost when I didn't know why I was so mad. Now I can face the trigger head on or choose to detour. 

  • My hands stopped hurting when I retouch all day. 
  • My knees and lower back stopped hurting. Even in the same shoes.
  • Clothes and rings were looser.
  • Doesn’t hurt to try better posture and walk up straight. 
  • I had neck and feet twitches … which is embarrassing ... but those are gone!
  • Didn’t get as sweaty. I usually hate when we have sunny weather, but it didn't bother me as much. 
  • STOPPED SNORING. That’s a big one. I thought I needed surgery, because even when I was many sizes smaller I snored.


  • Energy to work on my creative projects, not to mention just having ideas for my creative projects!
  • Startled less. Walking in downtown Seattle used to sound like a war zone to me because I couldn't handle loud noises. 
  • More articulate. You know that feeling when you sound like a scholar in your mind but someone that’s really unintelligent actually comes out of your mouth? Yea. It sucked. But not anymore. 
  • Less distracted when I was accomplishing a task.
  • My house was clean. Not sparkling, but I rarely had dishes in the sink because I would, gasp, wash them after I was done using them. This one was weird because I didn’t even notice I was doing that until I was recapping with my husband. 
  • I got happy again. Now this one usually can’t be said without an eye roll. From me. But here’s the thing, I was able to speak my mind, not get pushed around in conversations, and decide for myself where I wanted to put my energy. All those things make me frigging happy. 

And to top it all off I lost about 13 lbs. 

Weight fluctuates so much in all of us, but I made sure to weigh myself at the same time of day and circumstances. Take it how you want to, because I'm more happy about the lists above then the weight loss. 

There it is. All the main reasons (there were just too many to keep track of) why I'm going to mostly stay on this food plan. I say mostly because I'm going to try the reintroduction part of slowly eating the things I've omitted to see what basically F's me up. I'll tell you how it goes with the parmesan in my pesto tonight.