Northwest Workshop Is Two

Northwest Workshop Is Two

Last month, this food blog turned two. This should be a time for celebration, but the truth is "The Resistance" has been kicking me in the face for the last couple of months. It says that I should stop with all of this nonsense because there are already so many food blogs. But now that I know that the negative demon in my head has been feeding on fear, I can turn this boat around. The question I have for myself though is what direction am I going to start rowing towards. 

So to start in more positive waters, I'd like to write you a letter. A love letter, actually. Because you've given me all the feels and made Northwest Workshop into something I didn't even know could exist. 


To my dearest you,

Putting your heart and soul on a platter for trolls to devour is no small feat. This digital world we live in is a dark forest that trips me every time I think I have the map figured out. But in the middle of this scary and unknown territory, you appeared. You double tapped to show me that you liked my creations. Whenever I'd see your comments and that you shared what I made, I'd get warmed up and excited just like perfect timing of brown butter.

I wouldn't exist if it weren't for you. All of this would mean nothing. I appreciate you more than you know. 

Yours truly,