How I Make Rice

Measurements in the kitchen from my childhood was the equivalent as white rice being the star at a Paleo convention. Didn’t happen. It’s one of the reasons why baking still gives me anxiety. I know many of you may do the same thing, leaving measurements to the restaurants that have to deliver consistent dishes day in and day out. Or maybe it’s something about watching grandma make your favorite food a bajillion times, that the method seeps into your mind. 

I’m going to state the obvious. Rice is a staple in Korean cooking. I’m talking about short grain, white, sticky, glorious rice. Not the stuff that’s loose and is impossible to pick up a group with your chopsticks. It’s needed in the bibimbap that we made in the last post, and lettuce wraps with ssamjang pictured on the bottom of this post

Yes, we’re talking about using a rice cooker. I will show you how to make it on the stovetop another time, but today we’re getting real. This is how I make my rice: thoroughly washing the grains until the water runs clear, then making sure the water level is above my knuckle when I lay it flat on top of the rice. 

What’s the one thing that you could make on repeat … in any kitchen … with thousands of eyes on you … in the dark? Rice is mine.