Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market, not Pike's as my Seattle native husband used to repeatedly correct me when we were dating, is magical. Some may argue the Space Needle is more iconic, but to my heart filled with all things food and history that brings a foundation to the city that I love, the market is the heart of the city. 

Years ago, there was this blip in the news about closing down the market because profits were low. I was horrified, but more ashamed of the that I rarely purchased anything when I was there. That's why I'm putting the tips below for some friendly advice from a Seattleite and really some reminders for myself.

These photos don't do justice to the experience you get when you're actually there, but here's a little taste including produce I bought and a cute photo of my sister and omma. 

Pike Place Market Tips

  • Even if you only spend a couple bucks, buy something when you visit Pike Place Market. If we want this place to stick around, we need to help the vendors out.

  • An obvious crowd avoider tip is to come early, but also remember being there in the morning will actually help you see all of the beautiful things the market has to offer, instead of being pushed around like cattle. 

  • If you do find yourself there at a crowded time of day, visit other parts of the market that have less foot traffic like the shops in the 2 lower levels. 

  • Even if you can't purchase anything, don't play with the food. Just don't do that ever. Roughhousing and playing with the produce and seafood, taking pictures with it, then putting it back down for someone else to buy is just not ok. Take some selfies next to the first Starbucks instead. 

Most importantly, enjoy it! Hope to see you there sometime soon.