Magazine Paper Flowers and Gift Wrapping

Magazine Paper Flowers and Gift Wrapping

I've posted about these upcycled paper flowers before, but I thought I would take another go at the post because these are a special craft that I love to do. They actually crack me up with the portraits I find in GQ, and I love the NW flair I get from Seattle Met, and don't get me started with the incredibly yummy magazine pages from Martha Stewart. But these are special in the sense that I've been making them since I was in 4th grade, and it's the only tradition I have for the Christmas season. 

The main difference with this post and the last one I made is the glue gun. I used to tape before, that still works, but it's actually a little easier not to make a bunch of tabs of tape on your table. 

I don't stop at using these paper flowers for bows. I use them to decorate around the house, and even use just the pages to actually wrap a gift. Some say that the wrapping doesn't matter ... or even the gift inside ... but anytime you make something personal and let the receiver know you've paid attention to their likes, an angel gets it's wings. So there. 


Magazine Paper Flowers

Magazine pages
Glue Gun plus hot glue sticks
Brad fasteners
Compass (optional)

  1. If you're using a compass, the small circle should be at 3 inches, the middle at 3.5 inches and the largest at 4 inches. Otherwise you can eye it, just making three sizes of circles.

  2. Make a notch (either with a marker or cut), then make another one right across from it on the other side. Make a mark between the two notches on the edge. Then keep repeating until you've made 8 notches total. Cut about an inch and a half towards the center, on the notch. You’ll have 8 tabs.

  3. Take one tab in your hands and fold one corner under the other to make a point. Get a dab of hot glue and put a small dot of it under the right tab corner, then fold on top of the other corner. Press it between your fingers to secure it. Repeat with all 8 tabs (petals) and all three layers.

  4. Pierce a small hole in the middle of the large and medium layers. Then stick it completely in the small layer. With the brad in the top layer, work it through the holes of the middle and last layer. Open up the brad and flatten it.


- You want to pick an image that will really be showcased on the top layer. (i.e. a celebrity, food, flowers, an animal, etc.) The middle page is great because of the color and texture. The page on the right fits the color scheme and kind of makes sense as a theme.

- For best impact, make sure the flower petals are in between each other.