Marinated and Grilled London Broil

Marinated and Grilled London Broil

I've honestly only learned about this cut of beef recently. It was on sale for about 5 bucks, half off, and had a name I'd never heard before. After some research, I figured out that I have eaten beef top round quite a few times, but have also slow cooked the heck out of it since it's a tougher piece of meat. 

Well there's another thing you can do with a london broil: use a flavorful marinade, quickly broil or grill it so there's no overcooking, then slice as thinly as possible across the grain to ensure as much tenderness as possible. 

I turned to staples I already stock my pantry with for the flavor bath. Soy sauce is the main star, but I also only used black pepper to make it spicy ... meaning don't use the same amount I put in the recipe if you always decline the Spice Goddess' invitation to party time.

Try not to skip the step about cutting the london broil into thin strips. You may think, "Wow that's a good looking steak right there. I'm sure it's fine to eat like a ribeye." Well madam, I would not steer you in the wrong direction, but I will have a shoulder to cry on when your jaw is in pain from chewing because you didn't take my advice. 


Marinated and Grilled London Broil

2 lb. london broil, also named beef top round
1/2 cup soy sauce
3 TBSP sesame oil
7 crushed garlic cloves, no skin
1-2 TBSP black pepper (depending on preferred spice level)


  1. Combine soy sauce, sesame oil, crushed garlic and black pepper. Pour marinade over the beef, preferably in a ziploc bag, and leave in the fridge at least 4 hours, up to overnight. 
  2. Shake off excess marinade and directly grill on the grate above the coals that are about medium heat. Sear for 4 minutes per side to get a medium cook, or until desired temperature.
  3. Let the london broil rest for about 5-10 minutes, then slice into very thin strips across the grain of the beef.