My Rendezvous with ChefSteps

My Rendezvous with ChefSteps

Their James Beard Awards for Video Webcast and Visual and Technical Excellence. No big deal. 

I just met the most warm, inviting and funny people and they all work at ChefSteps

These folks already have a great "About" page, so I'm not going to recreate that. Instead, I want to tell you how it feels to be in a room full of women and men that have internal motivation and collectively want to create outstanding work. You get a high. That's how it feels. 

I was invited to spend some time in the ChefSteps space, located under the infamous Pike Place Market in Seattle, and meet some of the faces from their clever videos. I can confirm that no matter how much you prep yourself for meeting the people behind the Youtube videos you watch on a regular basis, you'll have an out of body experience. Especially when you see them at the exact angle they usually shoot said videos. 

From the minute I stepped into the space - I know it's a kitchen, but the aroma of baked goods in the air was unexpectedly incredible - I was greeted by people that were ... human. Yes I did hear that eye roll. What I mean is when sous vide is used regularly in conversation, you wrongfully expect a certain type of ego. Instead, the inspiring confidence of a united team was what permeated the space.  

Nick and Ben, doing what they do.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? Because they're another source of encouragement to learn food skills, with focus "to make the art and science of cooking accessible to anyone, novice and professional cooks alike". 

Even though I was already a fan before I was extended an invitation to peek into the ChefSteps world, my devotee status has officially become concrete. So, fall down the rabbit hole that is their YouTube channel. Below is one of my favorites. You can save the Netflix binge watching for tomorrow.