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Autumn Wreath

HandmadeSara UpshawComment
Autumn Wreath

When we first moved into our fixer-upper house, I thought I would totally have the landscaping in pristine condition by now. Two and a half years later, my Rhododendron bush looks like it should be in The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Luckily, the spaghetti branches it gets from improper pruning makes a beautiful fall wreath, hahaa! I love this DIY project, because it's simple to whip this up to welcome the changing of the leaves.

Shears (or scissors), floral wire, branches with leaves on it and something to hang it on. That's all, folks! You could totally use tape and hot glue and whatever else to make it steady. Honestly, this isn't a wreath to last for years and the wires will work just fine for the season.

After I cut these off, which also helped me to finally prune the dang bush, I put these into piles of similarities so I know what I'm working with. You could make piles by color, size, etc. I did branches without leaves, long branches with leaves and short branches with leaves. Any long and flexible branches will do. Even if you don't have some with leaves, it'll still look great for fall.

One of the reasons I picked these was because of the little dried buds, love these!

Start with forming your wreath shape. This will make it easier to work with the branches. Twist the ends of the floral wire together and add another piece until you get the circle size you want.


I used three 18" pieces to make about a 12" diameter.

Now that the shape is made, let's make it a little more sturdy. Take three 18" pieces of floral wire and twist it around the circle. Do this two more times to go around the whole circle.

Cut the floral wire roughly into thirds. This is going to secure some of the branches to the circle.

Now we're ready for some branches!

Take the end of one branch and use the smaller cut floral wire to secure it to the wire circle.

Go around the whole wire circle until you make a complete layer.

Add in the larger branches with leaves

Intertwine the branches, securing where needed with the floral wire, making another layer.

Cut off any twigs sticking out that are ruining your Chi. You want this wreath to look natural, but you don't have to convince anyone that a bunch of birds put this together when you sang a tune. Lookin' at you Snow White.

This second layer should cover most of the wire and make it more sturdy.

Now take the short branches with leaves and use it to hide any wire still showing.

And there you go!

I'm not going to say that you have to put something up in your home. I am going to say that going outside in the yard, finding materials for a project, is fun. Don't have a yard? I'm sure you have some loved ones that would be more than happy for you to take some dead sticks that they were going to put in the clean green anyways.

Here's the wreath on our back door, just in case the neon green from our front door was a little too much for ya ;) Happy Fall everyone!

15-20 Thin Branches
15 Floral wire pieces, 18" - 20 gauge
Pruning shears or scissors
Wreath hanger


  1. Use pruning shears to cut branches that are long and thin, some with leaves and some without.
  2. Organize the branches to make it easier to see what you have: no leaves, long with leaves, short with leaves.
  3. Twist the end of one piece of floral wire to another piece, and continue until you have the circle size desired. 
  4. To make the circle more sturdy, take three pieces of the floral wire and twist onto the circle. Repeat until you've gone around the whole circle. 
  5. Take the last 3 pieces of floral wire and cut them roughly into thirds.
  6. Take the end of one branch without leaves, and fasten it to the wire circle with one of the smaller cut floral wire pieces. 
  7. Wrap the branch around the wire, following the circle. Repeat until you made the first layer around the whole circle.
  8. Intertwine the next layer with the longer branches with leaves, repeating step 7.
  9. Fill any wholes or gaps showing wire with the smaller branched with leaves, weaving them in and out of the branches.
  10. Hang with a wreath hanger or hook outdoors.