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Beer Bottle Candle Holders

HandmadeSara UpshawComment
Beer Bottle Candle Holders

Now ... how you empty these beer bottles is up to you.

We usually have more aluminum cans than glass bottles around, so when it's time to recycle them, I always think "I need to give those bottles a second life!".

Candlelight is an instant mood setter that reminds us to settle down and enjoy the moment. To make sure these moments don't break the bank, I get my candles from Ikea because it's cheap and doesn't make a mess everywhere with wax drippings. Using a recycled bottle is an added bonus.

Here's some things you'll need for this easy project: A bottle (Wine bottles work well for this too. Heck, try a 40 ounce!), a taper candle, aquarium rocks, raffia, hot glue gun and scissors.

I want to point out that you can use any type of weight inside the bottles, but the aquarium rocks are perfect because they are small, cheap, pretty in the bottle, and come in different colors! These will be next to the fish food in some grocery stores, not in the gardening department like I thought when I was just looking for any ol' rocks.

Start by plugging in the hot glue gun to warm it up. Prior accidents, uh, i mean experiences, have shown me that having a little bit of cardboard or thick paper underneath your glue gun at all times will save you a lot of ruined table tops and ouchies.

To get the labels off, soak the bottles in hot water with a couple drops of dish soap. After about 15-30 minutes, the paper labels will peel right off. A trick to getting the bottles from floating is to get as much of the water inside the bottle, so it's weighted down.

Start at one end, and slowly pull the label off. It should peel pretty easily, so soak it longer if it's still stuck on there.

There will be some glue residue, but just use a sponge and it'll be brand new! Rinse it out with clean water, and dry it off. The inside of the bottle doesn't have to be completely dry.

Start at the bottom of the bottle and hold down some raffia. Put hot glue on top of it and use a chopstick, or something equivalent, to flatten the glue.

Wrap the raffia around the bottle, and stop midway to add some more hot glue. Pull on the raffia tightly over the glue to secure it.

Keep wrapping the raffia around the bottle until you get to the desired height you want. To secure this end, find a gap a few rows down, put hot glue in that spot then press with the chopstick to hold. Fluff the rows around it to hide the end and glue.

Fill the bottle with the aquarium rocks to about two-thirds of the bottle. You just want to get it heavy enough so that it doesn't knock over and give an unexpected fire show at your dinner party. I will testify that I thought spooning the rocks straight into the bottle would be the fastest way to fill it. It would have been, if the million rocks didn't spill all over my kitchen. Use the funnel.

What you're looking at below is the reason I don't want to cover the whole bottle with raffia. When you can see the rocks, it gives a nice texture and doesn't make you just look at the beer bottle.

The taper candle won't fit right into the mouth of the bottle, but that's a good thing! This will help you secure the candle into the bottle, without having to permanently affix it. You need to be able to change it after the candle burns to a nub. Twist the candle until it's sturdy and doesn't feel like it will tip over. 

It's not craft time without a little mess, am I right?! Just dust off the candle wax to clean up the bottle.

Make these in different sizes and materials for a unique look (I used hemp too in the image below). These can be customized, and are quite affordable, as a centerpiece for a party, romantic dinner, or even a wedding reception. Now drink up and get to crafting!

1 empty beer bottle

1 tapper candle
Hot glue gun
Aquarium rocks
Paper funnel

To remove labels off beer bottles
Dish soap
Hot water
Large container

1. Use the hot water and a couple drops of dish soap in a large container to remove labels from beer bottles. Let soak for 15-30 minutes before peeling the label off.
2. Rinse and dry the bottle.
3. Hot glue one end of the raffia near the bottom of the bottle, using a chopstick to flatten the glue when it's first applied.
3. Wrap the raffia about halfway of your desired width and add more hot glue.
4. Continue wrapping until you've reached how far up you want to go. Find a small gap a couple rows down, and hot glue the end of the raffia. This will cover the end and glue excess.
4. Make a paper funnel. Fill the bottle with the aquarium rocks, to about two-thirds of the bottle.
5. Firmly twist the candle (being careful not to break it in half) into the mouth on the top of the bottle. This will anchor the candle down, without having to glue it, so that you can replace it when it's time for a new candle. 

- Avoid putting the raffia near the mouth of the bottle, to prevent a fire from wax drippings.
- Make sure there are enough rocks in the bottle, so the weight will prevent the candle holder from tipping over.