Recycled Paper Flowers and Gift Wrapping

Recycled Paper Flowers and Gift Wrapping

Upcycle your magazines like a boss.

These ornamental paper jewels have been something that I've made since elementary school. They've sophisticated over time, but the accomplished and overjoyed feeling I get after making a bundle of these stays the same.

Over the years, people have asked how these are made and I always swear to write down directions ... just like recipes ... but then stall, because how do you explain something that you do on autopilot? 

Well friends. Here it is. The method to my paper crafting madness. This is why I save tons of magazines. This is why I love to gift things. And this is why you see Ron Burgundy's face as you should: on a paper flower. 

You only need a few materials and a little bit of time: Magazine pages, scissors, clear tape, and brad fasteners. The compass is really optional, if you want to make your circles perfect.

Here is the most important step in making these paper flowers. You want to pick an image that will really be showcased on the top layer. (i.e. a celebrity, food, flowers, an animal, etc.) The left image is succulent, and perfect for someone that loves food. The middle page is great because of the color and texture. The page on the right fits the color scheme and kind of makes sense as a theme. It's all in the details. 

If you're using a compass, the small circle should be at 3 inches, the middle at 3.5 inches and the largest at 4 inches. I've been making these for years, and I've stopped being precise about the circles because it takes up time, and it really doesn't alter the end product.

Start by making the largest circle instead of with the small one, so that you don't run out of room. 

This part might seem tricky, but it's simple, I promise! Instead of measuring, make a notch (either with a marker or cut), then make another one right across from it on the other side. Make a mark between the two notches on the edge. Then keep repeating until you've made 8 notches total. Ta da! Again, no need to be too precise. 

Now cut about an inch and a half towards the center, on the notch. 

You'll be left with eight tabs like these. 

Take your clear tape and cut little bits for the "petals". I've tried glue, I've tried staples, I've tried about every adhesive there is, and tape is just the best solution. Get these tabs ready so that you can zip through this next step. 

Take one tab in your hands and fold one corner under the other to make a point. Get your tape and affix it halfway on the corner, then fold it under. Press it between your fingers to secure it.

Your first petal! Now repeat ...

... and you'll get this! Your first layer. 

Repeat all of the steps above for your medium and small circle. 

To get your brad fastener in the middle of all three levels, start with piercing a small hole in the middle of the large one. Do the same to the middle layer. Then stick it completely in the small layer. 

With the brad in the top layer, work it through the holes of the middle and last layer. Open up the brad and flatten it. 

For best impact, make sure the flower petals are in between each other. 

And there you go! Paper flowers galore!

Let's take gift wrapping to the next level. While you're thumbing through the magazines, you'll probably find some great pages that would look lovely as the gift wrapping. You've spent all this time picking out the perfect present. This gives it another special touch to cater towards the person you're gifting. 

I found this spread in GQ about summer eats that's just beautiful.

Tape a few pages together, to make one large piece. You can cut the ripped edges off, or hide them behind a straight line. Tape on the back of the page. 

I have 5 sheets here. Place your present in the middle and wrap how you normally would with wrapping paper. 

On the ends, fold in the sides and fold the edge up. Tape it down.

To make it extra fancy, let's use hemp string. 

Take your string from the front and twist it in the back going the opposite direction. 

Bring it back to the front and tie a bow. 

To get the bow to stick, use about three pieces of tape and stick it on the inside of the petals. Flip it over and press the bow down. 

Beautissimo! Ron burgundy, you dashing devil, you. 

These paper flowers aregreat to spruce up anything for any holiday. Since you're using magazines, you get colors all over the spectrum that's great for any celebration. Remember the fall wreath we made together? I reused it here by taking off the dried leaves, and hot gluing the paper flowers to the branches. 

And of course I put them on our tree. They are the most cost effective and original ornaments I've ever had. Plus they just make the tree pretty. More paper crafts next week! Happy holidays my friends.