Regrowing Green Onions

Regrowing Green Onions

If you feel like you have a black thumb, but wish you could have a garden, do this. It such a high success rate that you'll be planting seeds in no time! This makes me the happiest in the fall and winter since it's harder to grow anything outdoors. Yes, they are already so cheap when you buy them but it's great when you just need a little bit of garnish, without having to run to the store. Plus it keeps it fresh without going bad when it's forgotten in the bottom of the vegetable drawer in the fridge ... which I may or may not have done a dozen times.

As soon as I bring my green onions home, I'll rinse the roots and pop them into a clear glass like a cup, with a little bit of water. I use clear because you can see when the water gets murky and needs to be changed.

Usually, I wont need to cut all the tops off but I wanted to show you the dramatic before and after :) I love the white parts of green onions because it's a sharper taste from the green tops, and is pretty convenient when I don't want to peel and chop a white onion.

You can actually cut down to the white and leave about an inch nub and it'll still grow back. It's crazy!

The key to this is keeping the water clean, changing it out about once a week, and finding a sunny spot in your kitchen. Window sills are perfect.

Ok. One week later ...

... BAM!

New shoots come up, you have more green onions for free, and all is well in the kitchen world.

Not all of the shoots grow but the major part of it does. I let this regrow about 4 times or until the white parts get too soft. Seriously, give this a try. It transports you back to elementary science class when you were so happy that your bean actually grew. Enjoy!

Regrowing Green Onions

Clear glass
Store bought green onions
Sunny spot in kitchen


  1. Clean the roots with water.
  2. Remove any rotted or dying shoots.
  3. Put green onions in a clear glass.
  4. Fill with water, not going past the white parts.
  5. Cut as much as desired and clean out the water when it's murky.