Persimmon Pumpkins

Persimmon Pumpkins

I have a confession. I never celebrated Halloween as a kid.

Once in awhile I had to dress up for school, because all the other kids were doing it, but I usually ended up wearing a Korean traditional dress so I never got into costumes. When I tell new friends about this they usually are confused, but I think I'd win with the confusion contest. You knock on strangers doors and ask for candy? Sometimes people are dressed to scare? There are horror movie marathons on TV?! Uh uh, no way mister. Being the biggest scardy-cat in the world doesn't help me enjoy this holiday like my peers do.

Now as an adult, I get it but I gravitate towards some festive Halloween things more than others. Like pumpkins! When it comes to making decorations for any holiday, I like to look around my home first to see what I can up-cycle. Pumpkins are pretty and super tasty, but I don't buy a whole lot of them. I do however buy persimmons that are ripe for fall. Since I have a habit of buying too much produce at one time, and I noticed a bunch of sticks in our yard, I thought it was high time for an October centerpiece.

For the "pumpkins" you'll need persimmons (or any orange piece of produce really), 1 inch stick, 1 - 18" floral wire, needle nose pliers, hot glue gun, and a thin brown permanent marker. To make it a centerpiece, use a large platter, sticks to fill the platter, medium sized candles and tea light candles, to create some height variation.

Wash those sticks if they are from your yard. Nothin' like having a conversation with someone then watching a bug crawl out, wanting to join the party. Wetting the sticks also helps so that it's not a bone dry piece of kindling for the candles. Safety first.

Use the needle nose pliers to cut the wire into thirds. The wire is thin enough for scissors, If you don't have the pliers.

Wrap one end of the wire around the end of the stick that will be the stump. I had to cut the stick into pieces, so I wrapped the wire first before cutting it.

Twist it around a few times to secure it.

Use the end of the needle nose pliers (or scissors!) to make this wire magically transform into a vine.

No need for it to be perfect, it'll look rustic! Flatten it out a little bit so it's not poking into the fruit. Or your finger. Both are important.

Use the pliers to cut your stick for the stump. No need for cleans lines, remember it's rustic!

Hot glue the stump to the top of the persimmon. Try not to use regular white or stick glue. That could lead to a lot of mess and cursing you wouldn't want the kids to hear.

A minute later and we're in business!

The stump I just had up was too long, so I trimmed it more. You could stop here, but it doesn't have enough pumpkin essence yet. Time for the finishing touches!

To make pumpkin lines, just start from the top and draw a line straight down, until you're almost at the bottom.

Put a few lines evenly spaced out around the persimmon. Add some more if you'd like. I didn't worry about it being too perfect because it's ... that's right ... pretty the way it is!

And rustic :)

Ta da! Isn't he cute? I mean seriously. Just adorable. As long as you don't puncture the fruit, it should last for few weeks or more. It's the same as if you were to leave it in your produce bowl, but now it's all dressed up ready for the ball.

Alrighty, now let's make the full centerpiece. Start with adding a flat layer of sticks to the bottom of the platter. This will fill the gaps and gives our persimmon pumpkins and candles some height. You can see my platter had a crack that needed to be glued. And that's why this platter is perfect for a craft project my friends.

Place a few persimmon pumpkins and the medium candles onto the platter.

Make sure the candles are not crooked so that there isn't that much of a mess with wax drippings. If you don't want to clean up wax drippings, you could put the candles in it's own separate holder.

Fill in the centerpiece with sticks, covering any cracks that were glued of course. Add a couple tea lights to give it depth. Same for these, make sure they are lying flat.

And here we are, a centerpiece fit for October!

Some might say it's not Halloween enough, but I say that it fits me. Since I don't know how to be anyone else, this is what you get: a scardy-cat who likes to celebrate like anyone else, so she made pumpkins out of persimmons! Enjoy :)


Persimmon Pumpkin
1 Persimmon or orange piece of produce
1 inch stick
1 - 18" floral wire
Needle nose pliers
Hot glue gun
Thin brown permanent marker

Large platter
Medium sized candles
Tea light candles
Sticks, enough to fill platter


  1. While washing sticks, snap into desired sizes. Set aside to dry. 
  2. Cut floral wire into thirds.
  3. Wrap one end of wire around the end of the stick that will be the "pumpkin stump".
  4. Wrap the other end of the floral wire around the needle nose pliers, to create a vine.
  5. If needed, cut stick to about 1 inch or desired length.
  6. Hot glue the end of the stump to the top of the persimmon, pressing it firmly on the top until the glue dries.
  7. Use the thin brown permanent marker to draw lines on the persimmon, to make it look like a pumpkin.
  8. Add a flat layer of sticks to the bottom of the platter. 
  9. Place the persimmon pumpkins and medium sized candles on top of the sticks.
  10. Add more sticks around the persimmon pumpkins and candles.
  11. Nestle in the tea lights in the sticks, making sure it stays flat.